• FrogWatch26005

    Hello everyone! As you've probably noticed, the wiki has a new theme. The featured article button has changed, the colors have changed, and the background. There are also some CSS updates: If you hover over a link, it will bold. My userlink is now bold and orange (not to brag). The "selected" modules now have rounded corners. To add categories, you must edit the page. The edit size, plus, and minus colors have been changed.

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  • FrogWatch26005


    November 9, 2014 by FrogWatch26005

    I got the Elder Wand pen from Barnes & Noble, and it is pretty neat.

    I also got a sick Dumbledore bookmark! (I mean it's awesome, not that Dumbledore is literally sick)
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  • FrogWatch26005
    • Professor McGonagall - :3
    • Harry Potter - 8)
    • Dementor - O
    • Snape - :|
    • Barty Crouch Jr. :P
    • Barty Crouch Sr. :{
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