This wiki can be fun to edit as long as you follow our simple Rules.



Please respect other users in chat. Bullying is a big problem these days, and the Harry Potter Wands Wiki will not tolerate it.

Talk pages

The same goes with talk pages. Please do not disrespect others, and do not spam their talk pages. Also, please keep normal talk pages clean.


Nobody vandalized your userpage, so please leave theirs alone.


Please do not vandalize pages. This applies to all pages you are capable of editing on this wiki.

Editing Standards

Do not worry, you will not be punished for violating editing standards. That does not mean, however, you do not have to follow them.

Edit summaries

Edit summaries are not required. We understand they are sometimes hard to word.


First violation: One month block from editing

Second violation: One year block from editing

Third violation: Permanent block from editing

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